Book your online spiritual consultation with Rainetta aka Blacksonrise. Rainetta is skilled at discovering the deep hidden challenges which may be blocking your spiritual growth. She is also skilled at removing spiritual, physical, and emotional hindrances related to your homeostasis and wellness.


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Our aim is to deliver quality sessions; providing our customers with the knowledge and tools needed to execute their personal, spiritual, and life goals. If you are a first time customer please read our reviews below. If you have had a spiritual consultation please leave us a review it is greatly appreciated.

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 131 reviews
 by Shawn Hyndman

Had a consult with Rainetta. It’s more like speaking with a friend on a call. Rainetta went in depth with what I was asking for help with. We went way beyond the time and she did not mind at all. I wish I was able to have more to ask as we went really deep into what I needed taken care of. She really cares and I will definitely be doing another one with her. Rainetta leads with love in her heart and wants to genuinely help, which is rare these days. Love to you Rainetta.

 by Mbila Muela
Self Healing

I want to give our Divine Beautiful Ancestors for presenting to us sister Rainetta. My reading was very thought provoking. I have been thinking deeply about what she told me and was spot on. So l realise as Bantu Nation, we are the Divine expression of the Cosmos and within our DNA, we have the power to heal ourselves and our environment. The word Ba is heart/soul and NTU is the head. Bantu is the plural for Muntu which is the head. Bantu means the leaders glorified Divine beings of light. They are not created, we manifest ourselves in this reality from the cosmic womb. Not even the mother or father know when the baby go in the belly of the womb of the mother. We are not created by God because the devil and god is two sides of the same coin and is not good, they mess with your DNA. Bantu is a tree we are walking trees. Bantu is the tree of life. It has two branches. One good one bad. We are spiritual technology that is the absolute, I am that I am, we are mono in Kikongo which means the All in the All, nothing can be taken away, nothing can be added, where would you put it? We are complete. We Bantu means something entering, going into, Bantu is the soul boxed in a body. Bantu means entering the head. So we give thanks to the Ancestors that our head is working, we say Ori wu, we give thanks to our head. The world is in chaos because the Bantu must wake up to their own divinity. We are perceived as Ngombe by other races .Ndombe means "black". The word black means legally dead. Ndombe means black fire which cannot be understood it is a mystery of the Cosmos in Bantu people. Bantu are the true Pharaohs in time and realities. Bantu are the l am what is "am"? It is the present that's why it's a gift!! Ase! Ase! Ase! Bantu family heal yourselves wake up to your divinity. We have a responsibility to cleanse and heal ourselves then the planet will reflect our healed self in peace and love ❤️😘🥰 love and light. We Bantu are Akongo dark brown and reddish brown we carry all vibrations of the Cosmos. Ase!

 by Mapu

I am very fortunate to have encountered someone like Rainetta, she is gifted in so many ways. She has brought forth experiences that I have had and can clearly interpret my situation in bringing forth solutions for me. I would recommend anyone to her due to the knowledge she possesses.

 by Stuart
Amazing insightful lady.

I have spoke with Ra Ja on a few occasions now, she is very talented with a big heart, I highly recommend this lady to anyone.

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