Book your online spiritual consultation with Rainetta aka Blacksonrise. Rainetta is skilled at discovering the deep hidden challenges which may be blocking your spiritual growth. She is also skilled at removing spiritual, physical, and emotional hindrances related to your homeostasis and wellness.


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Our aim is to deliver quality sessions; providing our customers with the knowledge and tools needed to execute their personal, spiritual, and life goals. If you are a first time customer please read our reviews below. If you have had a spiritual consultation please leave us a review it is greatly appreciated.

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 146 reviews
 by Zuri

Hi Rain. Tonight's session resonated deeply for me, as I mentioned during the chat. The lurching you sensed? Me! Some of tonight's happenings are familiar as I have experienced or dreamt previously. It's as if you were seeing them in now time, so I did not feel it was just my mind. I recall a photo of 10 years ago, when the sun at 1.15 pm approx on a Sunday, was red surrounded by darkness. I sent it to you sometime ago. Another good and powerful meeting. Thanks again for inviting me.

 by Kimari

OMG this group training was so powerful. I felt the shift of energy from the very beginning of the training. It’s been 3 days since and with every passing day I’m continuously feeling lighter and more balanced. The concerns I had previously have seemed to just fall away and have been replaced with a sense of calmness and confidence. This transmutation was so powerful and energizing that I feel the entire universe has experienced a positive shift. For anyone seeking positive change, please don’t hesitate to work with Rainetta. The change in my energy was so immediately transformative that the best way to describe it is a Quantum Leap. Thank you Goddess Rainetta for your awesome service to Humanity.

 by Karim R.
Blacksonrise Vol. 2 The Rise of X Race

The second volume of the Blacksonrise Newsletter is out - "The Rise of X Race." What can I say? This volume contains clues, hints, and decodes that demolish the smoke and mirrors that have trapped most of the population. What is appealing to me is that the newsletter assume a neutral postion, yet highly informative, allowing the reader to come to their conclusion, without the dogmatic, agenda-driven under/overtones I notice with many "truthers" or "conscious community." I look forward to volume three!

 by Karyn Rudd
I am unable to select a date for a consultation

Hello Rainetta Jones:

I looked at your interview on Super Soldier Talk. However, I am unable to book a consultation with you. Whenever I click on October 31, 2023, nothing happens and I am unable to go forward. Please help. Thanks, Karyn.

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