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 15 reviews
by Claudette on
General /Spiritual Consultation

I had my consultation with Rainetta today and she confirmed some of the things that i wanted to ask her. It was uplifting for me because sometimes it gets overwhelming.

I was grateful for her guidance and support with the issues that i were trying to deal with. Thank you for giving me "Peace of Mind." Am so thankful for the opportunity to speak with you and for putting your life 'on the line ' to enlighten us. Continue the great work you're doing.

by Jeremy on
Reaffirming the tasks that need to be taken

Just had my consultation, it has confirmed my suspicions about things that have been jamming up my life. Aswell as clarifying many issues in my that I will now aslways be mindful of.She was able to note many key things that are big reasons for my current situation. I thank her deeply for the wisdom that she has given me. The truth that she speaks is without a doubt real, and now I have a critical choses to make and must meditate on them for proper guidance.

I recommend anyone to her aslong as you come with a open mind and a true intention to turn your life around.



by faith23 on
Wonderful Consultation Regarding Life

I had questions regarding my spiritual journey, love life, and the future. I am a person that generally gets readings twice a year so I'm familiar with the process. A reader can only give interpret what they see based on their spiritual beliefs and knowledge. For this reason, I have been searching for someone like Rainetta who is very knowledgeable in the spiritual and physical realms. She answered questions for me that I have had for a few years and no one could give me an answer that sat right in my soul.

So, I just want to say thank you to Rainetta for the clarity and confirmations that were given to me. I now have hope that will help guide me to a more successful future.

by Oneil S on
General life consultation

From the start i was amazed very gifted and spiritual woman, i was just seeking information and advice as things were totally upside down in my life, Rainetta assist me with clearing my vision and overstanding on how to take the next steps carefully, thank you so so so much

by Sarah A on

Thank you so much Rainetta for my amazing consultation today. I wasn’t sure about the direction and approach to take to start my own business but Rainetta made it very clear how to set the motion and start putting plans together in a very practical way. If I didn’t seek Rainetta’s advice I would have ended up with no foundation or structure. Indeed, it’s a numbers game and now I know how to start making my dream work!

I had the idea but didn’t know how to build on it. Rainetta gave me good insight into techniques I wasn’t even aware of! I am really glad to hear that I do not have to pay a hefty price to piece it all together! I spent so much money on failed businesses but with Rainetta’s wise counsel I can spend very little and get so much back in return! I felt so comfortable chatting to Rainetta and telling her about personal matters and she connects with you so naturally and on a level. This is what I wanted - the support, and guidance on taking the right steps! I think it is really important for black people to get more involved in starting their own business and with the right direction and advice we can achieve this.

Thanks again Rainetta - you have really made my day!

by SAC on

i requested a reading on land buying. I wanted to know mostly WHERE I should purchase the land. I wanted someone like a wizard to Name the place also what to look our for and time contraints. My definition or understanding of a spiritual reading was someone reading what the UNIVERSE is saying WHAT, WHO, WHERE, WHEN AND HOW, or warning about. i did not want a persons counsel nor opinion.The reading was just receiving counsel and i pretty much got the same info family and friends have said about safety and the dangers of being a single woman kidnapping crime and scams etc. that only makes one get more stuck. It was the same info i could have gotton in a buying land for dummies book which I already have. It didnt lead me to any answer or workable conclusion by the end or what could work or WHERE??? to go or what to do as and alternative. I got good counsel and information about how to gain info about places, but i was still lost because it didnt confirm where to go. it was more like a concierge or safety guidlines but not a spiritual reading, If you want someone to have the answers for you because, knowledge, info, planning leaves you without alternatives know that there is no wizard or spiritual reading thats gonna give you the answer, just more info, more knowlege and info to sift through and end up feeling stumped, stuck, overwhelmed and without an answer. she ultimately told me i had to do the work and planning when i had no recourse or conclusion to make plans. i could have saved my money to do that after all.

Hi SAC and customers,

Let us review somethings to ensure that we are on the right page again. You SAC, came to me for a consultation about moving either to a remote location within the united states or to Mexico or abroad. You stated that the location you had in mind was not within a large city but out in a rural area. When I questioned you further you indicated that you were thinking Colorado, Mexico, New Mexico or Washington.

Before we proceeded, I asked you what exactly did you request, and per your request you wanted to know a specific location to move and how to do so. I indicated to you that the first part would be an assessment of who you were and what moving entails the second part was about the move specifically and the spirituality doing so.

1. You stated you wanted to move into a rural area by yourself as you are a loner
2. You stated you didn't know how to farm
3. You didn't know self defense
4. You didn't know another language
5. You are a black woman
6. You never lived abroad
7. You stated if you needed money you would go to apply at Walmart to work in Mexico
8. You didn't know any US consulate's number nor any state agency in case you experienced problems abroad
9. You didn't even understand how to assess a country to move
10. You didn't even know that the Western Border of the US has massive human trafficking and wanted me to agree with you about moving there by yourself.
11. You don't know how to discharge a firearm or any weapon

Before I started I asked you all those pertinent questions to which you answered above. My question is who in their right minds would tell a single black woman to move to a rural area where she knows NO ONE, to go live in the middle of nowhere by herself. You indicated that you wanted to possibly live in Washington near the US National Parks, I stated "do you understand the number of people who go missing in those parks," you said "yes and around it." But then proceeded for me to agree with you moving there. I explained that moving out in the middle of nowhere is not just about human or animals you would need defense from but spiritual things as well. ALL OF THIS COMES WITH SPIRITUAL CONSULTATIONS. I knew your mind was made up.

I gave you an assessment and provided you detailed resources, then told you that no spiritual person would agree with this decision as it is unsafe. When it was over you texted me to say you felt ripped off and that it was not a spiritual reading and that you wanted a "Spiritual Wizard," to direct you. I then spent another 30 minutes on the phone showing you how I provided spiritual consultation by showing you what needed to know in order to plan. You indicated that planning causes you confusion and leaves you at square 1.

I then stated that moving is planning buying land is planning, living out in the middle of nowhere with no one for miles requires planning. When I completed the first 30 minutes you stated, yes I did provide you with spiritual consultation and that you would leave a good review. Then a couple of days later you texted me again stating it was not a consultation. I then spent and hour on the phone explaining again ( free of charge) what a spiritual consultation was and like I stated before I was not going to agree with you moving to a remote location by yourself. I even stated if you really wanted to do that then get adopted by a tribe in Africa because they have stringent laws for protecting women.

Unfortunately you still feel this way. Therefore this leaves me no choice but to explain what occurred so that readers can make their own decision.

by Jennifer on

Did a consultation with Rainetta and it was simply amazing the knowledge that was given too me. Things were brought too me as when i was a child and i remembered because i only knew, but surpessed in my mind. Rainetta was surly on point with everything. I love the way Rainetta talks on your level of understanding and she is so caring at the sametime. I recommend any one too consult with her if you need any kind of guidance or questions .will definitely be talking too her again.

Thank Rainetta

by Luetrana Mackey on

I had a very good consultation with Rainetta. She was very clear and straight to the point. She inspired me to see things in a different light. She offered me practical solutions to a long standing problem that are doable. She is very respectful and personable. If you are needing a consultation, go ahead and book it! You will be glad you did !!

by K Free on

BlackSonrise is always on point. Her professionalism is well above par. She actually cares about her clients overall well being spiritually and physically. The reading was definitely insightful, refreshing and got me out of my own way. Blissings to you for helping me once again.

by J.A on
So insightful

Thank you so much Blacksonrise. The session was so insightful and revealing. I got to learn a lot about my situation.

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