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 36 reviews
by Aloysius on

Rainetta is absolutely amazing at her work. She is a sweetheart and phenomenal master at dealing with her patriots and long-time supporters. I was very satisfied with her insightful advice and felt very comfortable to know she fully understood the cultural nuances in our conversations.

Blessings from Canada 🇨🇦

I will definitely be returning to her for more consultations.

Much Love Rainetta ❤

by K. Martin on
Clear InSight

Rainetta's insight is so helpful and spot on. She works with you to identify the spiritual issues holding you back and absolutely wants the best for you. She is compassionate and has tools and techniques to help you get the breakthrough you need.

If you're feeling stuck and need some guidance and insight into what is holding you back, book a consultation. You will be glad you did!

by Candice on
Very helpful

I am so glad I reached out to Rainetta. She helped me gain the clarity I needed. Thank you so much. I will definetly book again in the future. ❤❤❤

by Wisdome on
Stellar...and yes she got the fire emjoi 😊👍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

There are not enough words to describe my experience. Rainetta's insight was on point and 1000% ACCURATE. I love that she provides real solutions during the consultation. She even revealed specific details that I overlooked. I highly recommend a consultation with Rainetta. Thanks for everything I now have a clear plan.

by Sarah A on
Spiritual consultation

This was my second consultation with Rainetta and i was extremely frightened but felt safe and secure at the same time with what I had to face. A dream interpretation really made me realise who my enemies are and Rainetta was able to identify the culprits behind the dark mask and expose their evil intentions. Rainetta went straight to work and reversed the curse and the explained in great detail what I needed to do to cleanse the evil. I knew I was in a safe place with Rainetta as I wasn’t as emotional as I thought I would get - but just knew Rainetta would be honest with me and offer help immediately. The reading was just too powerful as she interpreted my future, which was mind boggling. She relaxed my mind - even though what I learnt had made me extremely angry inside I was able to have a good chuckle over the phone with Rainetta and it really lightened the burden.

I can never trust another source and if I ever need another consultation I will always seek Rainetta for help. Rainetta I see you as a friend and an amazing spiritual healer and consultant. You definitely deserve more than 5 stars from me.

by Leilani on

first consultation with Rainetta was like I knew her for years and the conversation was enlightening. This is
my second consultation and her insight is on point. I recommend scheduling an appointment as her gift is totally amazing.
Thank you Rainetta!!❤

by Shemica on
Rainetta is a Life Changer

My consultation with Rainetta was a Life Changing, Eye opening Experience. She is Patient, Kind and Understanding. Her reading was spot on very accurate. The conversation with Rainetta is worth every dollar and time spent. Please book to get the right help with Rainetta, you will not be disappointed! I give her 10***Stars.....

by Liz on

My review is very positive with Rainetta. Everything that was spoken about was on point and accurate. Im very glad that I spoke with Rainetta and I highly recommend her. Thank you for your words and wisdom.

by Karim on
Second Go Round!

This review marks my second consultation with Rainetta - round two was the BOMB! Her revelations affirmed thoughts, questions, and insights I contemplated days before our session. I've interacted with MANY titled individuals from various African, African derived, or non-African identified spiritual systems (e.g., Lukumi, Vodun, Palo, Ifa, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc.) and subsequently developed a keen eye for who is real or counterfeit. Rainetta is as authentic as they come. She is a genuine spiritual scientist who produces results!

by Nicole Anderson on
Consultation Review

I had my second consultation with Rainetta a few days ago and again she did not disappoint. I had questions about a reoccurring person and place that I have been dreaming about and she confirmed and answered a lot of information for me that I questioned. Throughout the entire consult, she was answering questions that I had before I even asked them. I will definitely be getting another consultation in the future. If you have questions that you need answered I suggest you schedule a consult with Rainetta!

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