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by Elisha Betts on
Up coming classes

I want to get in your upcoming class you were telling use to join , i missed your class on September 1. 😭 so you have a ckass on September 30 .ii would be so grateful to be there

Just sign up to book for September and I will send the link.

by Verna on

Rainetta's Friday night class was very educational. She shared outstanding resources. Truly I am so grateful for this priceless information that you may never find anywhere else. Thank you so much!

by Diana on
Breaking ET Contracts

Phenomenal class. Thanks for sharing your wealth of research & information. Your classes are always rewarding. ❤️

by Karim R on
Best Training Yet

The in-depth insight and the unraveling of the truth/facts in plain sight were mind-boggling. This training reinforced my spiritual armament like never before. The shedding and the peeling away of the veil covering my physical and spiritual eyes were the highlights of this session!

by Insightful Ford on
Spiritual Liberation

So glad I was able to attend the group training. If you want the hard truth about what is going on our planet and what we all can do to correct it you should book a class.

by Claudette on
Group training

This is magnificent. Thank you for all the information. It makes perfect sense l understand a thing or two about the group insurance that the companies take out on their employees. Now the puzzle is in completion. This is sickening and with all their lies we need supernatural intervention to strengthen us dealing with these evil entities. They got to go and be destroyed forever and ever. Thank you for helping us to expose their wicked deeds and intentions.

When they offered full ride scholarship to universities, if you take the jab. I said to myself that they know that the students will be dead before they complete their education. The monies go back to them. This deep and heavy. Thanks you so so much.

by Brittany on
Group training

This was another informational class. These sessions are helping within my growth and giving me the strength to keep fighting for not only myself but others too. It will bring answer to question and to be amongst those who think on another level.

by Cassie on
ET contract

This training so important so informative she teaches beyond you would ever imagine, opens up the mind to make you think in ways you never knew you had too. Thank you

by Leilani on

The training is absolutely awesome!!

by Wisdome on

Awesome training with real life solutions and insight.

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