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 by Halito! I joined the group training with the guest Dr. Young, the information was on point , an. I can count on Rainetta to bring the real real deal,
The group training with Dr. Young was on point an very helpful. Thank you Rainetta!

Halito! I joined the group training with the guest Dr. Young, the information was on point , and I can count on Rainetta to bring the real real deal,

 by Tony & Kimberly Harrison
Survival 2021

This class was so informative!!!!! We loved listening to this class, the guests were amazing!! Thank you sister Rainetta for always thinking about us

 by Nubia
Hardtac for hard times

Never thought I would learn about foods that could last up to 100 years or the wonderful benefits if the Pine tree, I'm forever grateful to the Rain for sharing with us all these great resources and wonderful people.

I honestly can say I will be putting much of what I've learnt to good use.

Thank you Rain for being such great person.

 by Dad's Duchess
Sept, Oct n Nov Trainings

Excuse the long review but I didn't do Sept-Oct earlier. It's too much to write so I'm just relaying bits from my notes. Three words.... Life altering information. 🤯

Fri. 10/1. "Mike drop". Robert O Young brought the science regarding blood clotting, radiation, salt, spiking, alkaline options 4 the body, nanoparticles, cellular breakdown as it relates to our current dilemma. Explored lies regarding illnesses, and touched on global challenges in Spain, Italy, Germany n Japan. Simply mind boggling academia.

Thurs 10/28. Dr. Judy Mikovits. No words ... Was already familiar with her but OMG. Used a beloved basketball player to bring clarity to our scientific understanding. She discussed, like Dr. Young, people eventually succumbing to diseases like HIV after consenting to certain procedures. She talked about breast cancer b4 the development of breasts which was unreal. Then Dr. Judy spoke of internally cleansing n repairing the body with suggestions like ozone creams n energy healers. She also provided additional resources. I can't articulate how powerful this session was. Definite show stopper. I was numb.

Fri 11/26 Creating Food Forests-Emergency Preparedness with Jim Gale n Michael Hoffman. Again...I already had knowledge on this but these guys really revealed some unusual survival strategies. Loved the tips for creating fire on wet ground or snow, carrying your fire tenure to use again n creating your own 1st aid kit vs buying premade ones. They discussed survival in the city (great ideas) vs rural areas, a way to blow your whistle for help (unreal), layers of security, farming, seeds, much. The guys were genuine n straight to the point with their answers. Priceless tips. "If you're in the **** get out". Sis. Rainetta actually gifted us with this class. It was awesome.

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