On December 29th, the last Friday of 2023 we are having our group cleansing and purification to close out the year. Then we will open 2024 with a regeneration, restitution, compensation, justice, protection, prosperity and peace.


Payment can be made via credit cards, PayPal, and Western Union. Contact us for our Western Union details.


Our aim is to deliver quality reports to our customers. We provide our customers with the knowledge and tools needed to execute their personal, spiritual, and life goals, therefore; we always anticipate your reviews regarding our service.

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 by Prisca
Group Training 23 Feb 2024 - ancient blood contracts

This was a powerful session. I even felt my ancestors around me as they needed this healing too.

Thanks Rainetta. Each group training removes layers upon layers of baggage. This is making me lighter and lighter. Soon I will be able to fly!

Wishing for you only the best, always!

 by Pamela Skydancing
Powerful Clearing!

The group exercise of February 23rd was exceptionally powerful. I felt lighter and noticeably more full-body and deeply relaxed upon its completion, and a strong intuition I felt that a clearing on my paternal ancestral line was necessary was viscerally felt by Rain. The group was powerfully coherent and supportive, and I sincerely and gratefully am appreciative of the opportunity to partake in such an important energetic clearing at this pivotal point in time for our world. I look forward to participating in all future such energetic clearings led by this powerful and intuitive greatly gifted leader. May All Beings Benefit!

 by QueenV aka MValentine
Group Live Class Was Awesome tonight! Thx a Million!!❤️❤️❤️

The group tonight was off the chain. Shocking revelations, spiritual releases, relaxation, enlightenment and energy

 by A.J.
Group Training

Rainetta is a compassionate, skilled and powerfully dynamic orator graciously dispensing knowledge both spiritual and pragmatic for the edification of the group and even humanity at large through so many channels.

I especially love the interactive portions of these training where one gets to share along with learning and listening from other group members. I highly recommend these sessions for those looking for healing and uplifting consciousness. Thanks so much!

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