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by NubiaGoddess on Blacksonrise.com
It works

My body's kinda funny so I gave myself as much time a/p to see the results while staying away from taking other things.
It works and some- trust! I have eczema, and it worked to clear that up over a span of a week. It works amazingly both ingested and topically. Sped up my otherwise slow metabolism and calmed my nerves. I use it as a hair rinse among other things. Buy it.
It speaks for itself, and if consistent you will be blown away by the results. Give thanks to Blacksonrise!

by Ida on Blacksonrise.com
Second review after I´ve been using the Herbs for a few weeks now

Just wanted to give more update after using the herbs for a few weeks now - Since I began drinking the tea and showering with it I feel very calm and has helped me when doing my medidation to get into that relaxation.

I also feel that my skin is glowing more than usual and feeling very light in my spirit.

To have the herbs and also entering the new dimension and elevating I am dreaming even more and having more visions.

I said it before and I´m saying it again - Buy her herbs, they do work.

Take care of yourselves,exciting times - especially today with the Jupiter and Saturn aligning up.

All love,

by Ida on Blacksonrise.com
The herbs are amazing

Hey guys,

I ordered the herbs from Blacksonrise and I couldn't be happier! I use her herbs as tea and the smell, not to mention the taste is absolutely lovely! The taste is so "smooth" and it smells like heaven but the best investment was getting the sense of calmness and relaxation from drinking it. Can´t wait to use it for bathing and scrubbing.

I will definitely come back to buy some more herbs and I highly recommend it to everyone who loves tea.
Thank you Blacksonrise!

So glad that you enjoyed it and look forward to serving you in the future.

by Sabrina pryear on Blacksonrise.com

This is the Most powerful Herbal bath I have ever taken in my life and I have taken many many Herbal bath Sister Rainetta thumbs up you have done your thing on this herbal bath I felt so powerful after taken the herbal bath I felt all The bad things coming off me I was at peace for the first time in my life Thank you!! Sister Rainetta... For all that You do for your black brothers And Sisters I will continue to buy the herbal bath as long as you sell it this is the best thing you can ever buy yourself To me it’s better then food

by A. N. G on Blacksonrise.com
The bath works

Excellent, I can feel some inner changes happening. I have had my herbs for a few months now, I use it now as a tea. As soon as I consumed I felt a weight lift off of my spirit. I advise everyone to use these herbs it really helps along the way

by M on Blacksonrise.com

After twenty two years of pain and suffering and being a target of enemy family members that emotionally, financially and physically abused and isolated me...I feel absolutely wonderfulll and free!!!!!!....I have regained mental clarity and focus. The herbal detox has been a ressurection elixir for me!!! This powerful mix has enabled me to rid my body of all the pharmacological and environmental toxic residue to elevate to a higher spiritual plane; in which I have been able to tap into my higher self and strength to discern and thwart the wicked plans of even my secret enemies??...The herbal baths + 20 part system are powerful weapons of warfare!!. With tremendous gratitude and many thanks to Sistar Rainetta , I feel renewed??


by E Carter on Blacksonrise.com

Back in Love again, the benefits u get from these herbs. After a herbal bath, I feel light as a feather, skin glowing, lucid dreaming, and rest better. I feel good all over. I recommend the herbal bath, so go ahead and place your order.

thank you

by ARM on Blacksonrise.com

Just wanted to do an update/progress after using the herbs from Blacksonrise. After running numerous races over the years, from 2 to 26.2 miles, I sustained a variety of injuries which caused lots of pain. I’ve been taking the herbal bath and thanks to Blacksonrise, I keep noticing significant improvement in my pain levels. I did over 10 miles few days ago, and it was after I finished I realized I had no pain!!! I’m also using the herbs as a tea, to season my food, and also in my smoothies. Great product! I’ll continue to use these wonderful herbs to maintain great health!!!! Blissings Blacksonrise! One ☝? love ❤️

by Pauline on Blacksonrise.com

Greetings Rainetta, I had purchased the herbal package a few weeks ago and to my amazement it is powerful!!!

I had soaked my body for about one hour after doing that I looked in the mirror and my face had a glow and it felt silky. I felt light as if something had lifted off me and of course I was so relax that i had a good nights sleep. I will definitely purchase again soon.

Thanks a million!

by N S on Blacksonrise.com
Great Feeling

When I took my herbal bath Afterwards I felt less stress and more confident.

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