8 Ways To Earn Extra Income While Social Distancing


By Andrea Woroch

More people than ever are feeling the pinch in their budget as the coronavirus threatens lives and our ability to earn a living. For many, however, now is the time to get creative and seek new opportunities to make money.

Even if you haven’t experienced any disruption in income, supplementing your income could help boost your emergency savings so you’re fully prepared for whatever lies ahead. Although social distancing and stay-at-home orders put a barrier on some earning opportunities, there are many things you can do right from home to make some extra cash.

Here are eight easy and safe ways to earn money, while maintaining social distances.

1. Enjoy canine companionship.

Whether you’re quarantined with your family, all alone, or just looking to get outside for a walk, a canine companion can reduce stress, add some excitement to the mix, and help you earn extra money. There are still plenty of people who are g…

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