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9 reviews for HERBS

  1. QoQo Love

    The combinations is soothing uplifting and clearing. Thank Yiu Sister Rainetta
    Very Powerful

  2. Quincy Benjamin

    Great bath

  3. Klubo O

    I have already re-ordered after trying the herbal bath for the first time. Soothing, detoxifying, and deeply cleansing. I did the herbal bath on wash day and immersed my hair in the bath. My hair was so soft and detangled afterwards (I have 4c natural hair). And then there was my skin – soft and glowing. And those are just the physical benefits. Thank you so much RJ.

  4. Nancy Njoroge

    I love the herbal bath,I would recommend it to everyone

  5. Tamonie G.

    Love it… I would definitely buy it over & over.

  6. Autumn

    I LOVE IT ! So rejuvenating, I’m definitely buying again.

  7. Andrea

    I love the herbal bath I use it as a tea because my energy was so low when I took it as a tea I feel so much better I feel light as air. My body feel so relieved that I felt like jogging . Thank you so much for this herbal bath I’m so glad you created this it helps me a lot. Thank you so so much .

  8. Empress Warrior

    The herbs work on the physical, spiritual and emotional planes. I had a problem for several weeks where I had been the victim of some dark workings. After realizing what had happened to me, it was enough for me to simply TOUCH the herbs and I felt something break. So I prepared a head and body rinse using the herbs. The effect was almost immediate. Something lifted off of me and I was able to finally get some work done. Thank you blacksonrise your products are truly awesome and of the highest quality. they come through every time.

  9. Autumn N. Glover

    Excellent, I can feel some inner changes happening. I have had my herbs for a few months now, I use it now as a tea. As soon as I consumed I felt a weight lift off of my spirit. I advise everyone to use these herbs it really helps along the way.

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