Micro-Business Enterprise (MBE)

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Micro-Business Enterprise (MBE)

Micro-Business Enterprise (MBE)

MBE e-course is the first of its kind that targets economically marginalized communities (EMCs) within the United States, the Caribbean, and Africa by providing a low-cost educational solutions in starting a business.

Our model prides itself on maximizing low start-up costs as an entrant into the business world by way of using the entrepreneurs’ micro-capital to start. That means any willing individual can start a business!

Why should an apprentice entrepreneur (AE) take this e-course? Unlike most business models an MBE apprentice entrepreneur has/can:

  • Maximum flexibility in working hours
  •      Work full-time, be enrolled in school, and start an MBE
  • A greater learning curve – Room for mistakes while you grow
  • Build 1 on 1 relationships with customers
  • Low start-up costs
  • Low overhead business expenses
  • Learn the ins-and-outs of your personal MBE
  • Test new growth strategies


Micro Business Enterprise (MBE) is a step-by-step e-course detailing how to start a micro-business from scratch with little money involved. The course is designed to teach the apprentice entrepreneur (AE) all the areas involved in creating a micro-businesses and how to make their first $1000 per year. It also teaches the apprentice entrepreneur how to scale their business by setting targeted goals based upon cost and the number of customers acquired.

Upon taking the (MBE) e-course an apprentice entrepreneur will learn:

  • The breakdown of black spending habits
  • How to categorize or classify their goods or services
  • The importance of brainstorming and brainstorm planning
  • Product and Service Categorizations
  • Starting up their MBE
  • Step-by-step instructions on setting up their MBE
  • General Sales and Marketing Matrices
  •        For more Comprehensive Marketing Strategies please sign up for (MBEM)
  • Managing their work from home
  • Reviewing and outlining learning objectives
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