The Micro-Business Enterprise Marketing (MBEM)

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The Micro-Business Enterprise Marketing (MBEM)

The Micro-Business Enterprise Marketing (MBEM)

Upon completion of the Micro-Business Enterprise E-Course (MBE) it is highly recommended that students take the Micro-Business Enterprise Marketing E-Course (MBEM). The (MBEM) is a strategic marketing plan that assesses 30 micro-business start-ups within the United States, Africa, and the Caribbean.  Risk assessment for the associated (MBEM) start-up by region, ranges from High, Medium, to Low risk allowing the entrepreneur to determine its profitability.

Entrepreneurs will learn the Porter’s 5 model and SWOT Analysis for each business aiding MBE entrepreneurs to understand their market its risks and the investments involved.

This course also outlines step-by-step tailored marketing strategies to effectively boost sales and increase customer acquisition and retention.

Upon completion, MBE apprentice entrepreneurs will:

  • Understand the regional scope analysis for their MBE
  • Identify the changing variables within their market and strategise
  • Become knowledgeable in their Market Overview
  • Identify Crucial Performance Indicators (CPIs)
  • Formulate a Step-by-step Marketing Strategy
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